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Discover the remarkable life and enduring legacy of China Machado, the iconic supermodel and fashion influencer. From breaking barriers as the first non-Caucasian model on a major fashion magazine cover to her influential role behind the scenes, China Machado’s impact on diversity and creativity in the fashion industry is felt to this day. Explore her journey, her trailblazing achievements, and her lasting imprint on the world of fashion.

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The main idea of the article is that Rihanna is known for setting fashion standards and wearing unexpected yet stylish outfits. The article specifically highlights her choice to wear a hoodie as a dress, which she made appear formal and sophisticated by layering it with a brown snakeskin coat and accessorizing with strappy stilettos and a Louis Vuitton top-handle bag. The article acknowledges that wearing a hoodie as a dress might initially give off a casual vibe, but Rihanna shows how to elevate the look and make it fashionable. Overall, the article praises Rihanna for her fashion choices and credits her as a trendsetter.

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