Thursday, September 21

At Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, the company put on its grand Resort 2024 presentation.

To put it mildly, the Chanel staff have recently had a hectic schedule. By launching a brand-new 30,000-square-foot store in Beverly Hills, mounting a new exhibition at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in honor of Karl Lagerfeld, the institution’s longtime creative director, dressing a slew of celebrities for the Met Gala, and more this month, the iconic French brand has been living the American dream. Among the stars that attended the Met Gala dressed in formal clothing were Penélope Cruz, one of the house ambassadors, and Jennie from Blackpink. During their west coast presentation for Resort 2024, they debuted a collection that was more concerned with having fun than traditional “Hollywood” styles. The year 2024 was used for this presentation. The Left Bank and Venice were the main inspirations for the collection.
At Paramount Studios, celebrities including Marion Cotillard, Kristen Stewart, and Margaret Qualley were treated to an enormous staging. Along with the other guests, Margaret Qualley was present at the gathering. Famous for his preference for dramatic and expansive settings, Karl Lagerfeld has used them in Los Angeles, Cuba, China, and the Grand Palais. Karl Lagerfeld is known for his preference for opulent and theatrical settings. This type of exhilaration functioned as the concept’s catalyst and motive force. A large roller rink was constructed on a regular movie set, replete with double Cs and a scoreboard that showed a running list of the models and effectively presented them as starters. This was done to convey that the models were participating in the game.

Barbiecore isn’t going anywhere!

Virginie Viard is recognized for refining the Chanel lady and bringing out her more feminine side after taking over responsibility for the company’s creative director in 2019. Although Karl’s flare for the dramatic may have encouraged her to do so, she undoubtedly took inspiration from the laid-back and oversaturated atmosphere of Los Angeles in the 1970s and 1980s when she heightened the stakes for this play. Karl’s passion for performing and being the center of attention inspired her to do this. Because a typical Hollywood beauty requires a trace of blush and some sunscreen to look perfect, the sun-kissed effect was achieved with little makeup. It evoked pleasant recollections of the storied Chanel presentations from the 1990s when the models’ hair was blown out to incredible heights.

Anok Yai is beach-ready.

Instead of tweed suits to open the show, the models wore sexy bikinis lavishly decorated with jewelry, leg warmers, and shoes. No one was seen wearing a tweed suit at any point throughout the whole presentation. This was done in a blatant effort to cash in on the success of the Jazzercise exercise regimen. The objective was to take advantage of the program’s success. Richly patterned tweeds, lurex bodysuits, and relaxed shorts perfect for lounging on the beach were embellished with pastel, ombré metallic, and neon motifs. Miniskirts were worn as a layering item under light silks in neutral colors, and glittering tracksuits seemed to be what Jamie Lee Curtis’ character from the film Perfect would have worn after instructing aerobics. Even the shoes, light-up block heels, were designed to make every lady the center of attention. Every Los Angeles girl we know and love was there, including a princess who loves Barbie on Rodeo Drive and a girl who skates in Santa Monica. Viard cast a wider net, extending it from the Pacific Coast Highway to Sunset Boulevard.

As Viard layered on many flashy bangles and handbags, it seemed she was finally letting her hair down for the first time. A brand-new attitude also entered the room along with them. This was clear from the fact that when she entered the room, she wore an entirely different set of accessories than when she left. The latter portion of the collection had more sophisticated designs, including wrap dresses and embroidered tweed jumpsuits. But in none of these masterpieces was glamor or camp compromised. The final few pieces in the collection were chosen to be included, after which the conventional Hollywood golds and blacks were added. Margot Robbie has a ton of gorgeous outfits in the pink and gold color scheme that she might wear on the forthcoming Barbie press tour. We wonder which ones she would choose. She has a wide selection of possibilities from which to chose and chose when it comes to her clothing.


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