Thursday, September 21

Since February, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s romantic status has been a mystery to the general public. Last night, the pair was seen in New York City sending conflicting messages about their relationship status. They both attended the party for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue but chose to pose separately. Later that night, they were caught on camera demonstrating PDA.

People have been sharing an update they received today from a source who detailed the relationship between the pair. It’s a tricky situation.

“He is still totally in the dog house, but they are making cautious progress toward reconciliation, the source said. He’s still firmly in the dog house. Despite his best efforts to win her back, she makes his battle for her return in every way possible. However, it is still an unpleasant dynamic, and their friends do not believe this relationship will endure. According to the source, arrangements for their wedding have not yet been “halted.”

Despite the difficulties they have been through, Kelly is committed to making it possible for them to be back together, according to the source: “He has a lot of proving. He wants to keep her since he has work for himself to accomplish. He is wonderful with her children and very hands-on with them. This is a work that is still in development.”

Kelly and Fox were pictured together inside of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party, even though they stood separately for photos outside on the red carpet. It was a significant night for Fox since she was featured as the cover girl for the issue.


In addition, insiders informed TMZ that when they were out in New York City, the couple was “extremely affectionate.” A witness provided the news organization with a video of them shaking hands. At one point, Kelly massaged Fox’s back with a massage therapist. According to TMZ, the two could not keep their hands off each other and were spotted kissing, with Kelly, in particular, putting her lips to Fox’s.
Fox opted for a seductive style for their evening out, donning a stunningly low-cut dress by LaQuan Smith with a transparent bodice. This dress gave Fox a sensual vibe. Le Vian was responsible for her jewelry choices.


Fox and Kelly have not been seen together very much as of late. Thus this party represents one of their rare recent encounters. According to People, the most recent incident that caused Fox to be mentioned in the news was his apparent absence from Kelly’s birthday celebration at the end of April.

This disappearance occurred after she and Kelly showed love toward one another while on vacation in Hawaii during the first week of April. An insider told Entertainment Tonight then, “Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have been trying to work out their issues as a couple, and things have been improving.” Machine Gun Kelly has been doing all possible to ensure Megan has a good interaction with him in which she feels loved and safe.

“They enjoy being together and love one another, so they are trying to get to a good and solid place,” the insider said. “Neither of those things has changed. They both feel at ease with one another and have a great time together.”

Fox’s behavior first led to rumors that she and her ex-boyfriend Kelly had a quiet breakup during the Super Bowl weekend. She abruptly removed all of her Instagram posts, including Kelly’s. Since then, there have been publications that discussed the progress that the once-engaged couple had made in their attempts to reconcile.

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly on March 22, the interaction between the two is quite tense. “Megan and MGK are taking a break from working together but are still in contact,” the insider stated. They are hot and very chilly. Planning for the wedding has been put on hold while [they] work through their problems. Their connection is experiencing a lot of ups and downs right now. They are not together now, but they are still messaging each other.


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