Monday, September 18

Looking for a durable, low-cost tablet with a big screen? Oukitel has produced an exciting product.

The Oukitel RT3 Android 12 tablet

Even though I like my iPad Pro, I don’t feel comfortable bringing it camping or hiking with me because of its size, cost, and fragility. Because of this, I’ve been searching for a reasonably priced, long-lasting Android tablet. I wished for a portable device to give me a more prominent display when I am out and about.

In particular, I needed a big screen to review the aerial photography and videography. My drone had recorded and maybe served as a viewfinder for my Sony A7IV mirrorless camera.

  • I wish Apple had included this innovative Pixel Tablet capability in the iPad.

I learned about the Oukitel RT3 Android 12 ruggedized tablet. However, I’m skeptical about its quality for the price.

Details about the Oukitel RT3’s technical specifications

  • Processor: Octa-core MT6762
  • Memory: 7GB(4GB+3GB) RAM + 64GB ROM, external memory supports up to 1TB
  • Display: 8 inches HD+, 380 Nit, 14.4:9 aspect ratio
  • Battery: 5150mAh
  • Operating System: Android 12
  • Camera: 16MP rear camera | 8MP front camera
  • SIM card: Dual SIM card (1 _ Nano SIM + 1 _ Nano SIM or 1 _ Nano SIM + 1 _ microSD)
  • Size: 207 x 134 x 14mm
  • Weight: 538 g
  • Certification: IP68/IP69K waterproofing/dustproofing and MIL-STD-810H impact rating
  • For regular readers who’ve seen my many reviews of rugged Android smartphones, the RT3 will be familiar.
  • This sturdy Android phone may be used in and out of the workplace.

It’s a high-end ruggedized smartphone.

The Oukitel RT3 looks and feels like an upscaled rugged Android smartphone. Here it is with the Ulefone Power Armor 18T on top.

Rubber plugs protect the SIM slot, microSD card slot, and other ports from dust and water.

Rubber bungs cover all the ports.

There is a lot of cushioning to absorb shock. If you must drop it, attempt to do it on its side or rear rather than the front, where the display will likely shatter.

The corners get a lot of protection.

Both the back 16-megapixel camera and the front 8-megapixel camera are about what I’d expect from a device in this price category; they’re adequate for sharing photos and making video calls on social media, but they can’t compare to the quality of an iPhone or a high-end Android smartphone.

The cameras are fine for social media photos but lack the punch and clarity you get from an iPhone or a higher-end Android device.

Keep in mind, however, that this is still under $200. My 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard was almost twice as much as this tablet.

  • iPad Pro (2022) is also: I apologize for repeating myself, but…

The combination of a rugged tablet and a significant 5150mAh battery results in a much heavier package than my iPhone and more cumbersome than my iPad Pro.

The Oukitel RT3 is chunky.

But its durability means it can withstand treatment my iPad Pro couldn’t even hope to avoid. It’s dustproof, waterproof (to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes), resistant to high-pressure water jets and steam cleaning, and drop-proof (from 1.2 meters) thanks to its compliance with a slew of standards including IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810G. It can withstand low-pressure settings that may ruin other devices, is dustproof, and is unfazed by accidental acid spills.

  • In addition, the most potent tablets (with an explanation of the term “military grade”).

Regarding performance, the RT3 is about par for a $200 gadget. It works OK, but it lacks the sprightliness of a premium product. The iPhone and other high-end Android smartphones make this one seem clumsy in comparison. It may not have that buttery smooth feel, but it still accomplishes all I need so that I can live with that.

The Oukitel RT3 is a good buy for use in a basement, a workshop, or outdoors. It’s also a possibility for those who react to emergencies. The Oukitel RT3 is dependable, inexpensive, and efficient. It’s the best tablet to have in circumstances when more costly ones could be damaged.


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