Friday, September 15

If your name is James Cameron, then the legislation that forbids fragmentation in streaming does not apply to you.

Users will be able to view Avatar: The Way of Water beginning on June 7 on not one but two different online streaming sites entirely distinct. Neither of these sites is affiliated with the other. In a press statement distributed on Monday, Warner Bros. Discovery said that the movie starring James Cameron would also be available on the Max streaming service the two companies jointly operate. Both Warner Bros. Discovery and Discovery are responsible for the management of Max. Customers can watch movies and television shows online that are produced by their preferred television networks thanks to a streaming service called Max.

Avatar was one of the few exceptions to the rule that states that it is not very common for a blockbuster movie to have a simultaneous release on several different streaming sites, but this was the case with the film. Despite this, it seems that this is the case due to a new arrangement that Disney and WarnerMedia agreed to in 2021. Disney’s 20th Century Studios is scheduled to release movies to cinemas in 2022. In addition, those movies will be made available on Hulu, Disney Plus, and the streaming service that will one day be known as HBO Max. In addition, Disney will be responsible for distributing these films to cinemas.

The Way of Water, Cameron’s second big triumph, was released in December 2022, and according to Warner Bros. Discovery, it has now become the “third highest-grossing film of all time worldwide.” Cameron’s first great success was Avatar, released in December 1999. The Way of Water is a film that Cameron directed and he ran it. Avatar was the name of the director James Cameron’s first big motion film, which he helmed and released in December of 2022. (For now, the first iteration of Avatar is currently sitting well at the top of the charts.) The purchase of The Way of Water by the corporation at a time when it is preparing for the debut of its Max streaming service on May 23 may undoubtedly prove to be highly profitable for the company. It is conceivable that the movie may not be as significant of a subscription driver for Max as it would have been if it had been exclusive to Max. Since The Way of Water will also begin streaming on Disney Plus on the same day that it starts streaming on Max, there is a possibility that the movie will not be as successful. On the other hand, if it had been Max’s only option, it most surely would have been exclusive to him. This is because Max will begin streaming The Way of Water on the same day that Disney Plus will start streaming the program.


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