Saturday, September 16

A “select number of ChatGPT users” may now download the brand-new Zillow plugin for ChatGPT.

A new Zillow plugin for ChatGPT was revealed today, a relationship I did not see coming. The ChatGPT add-on is exactly what it sounds like. The Zillow ChatGPT add-on does what you’d expect it to do; it lets you look for houses on Zillow if you activate it.

Those who have installed and activated the plugin may communicate with one another about the kind of homes for sale or rent they are interested in, including the price range, number of bedrooms, and geographic area. Then, ChatGPT will access Zillow’s listings database and provide results.

Generative AI alters information search.

The plugin is now accessible to “a limited number of ChatGPT users,” with plans to make it available to a broader audience shortly. (I have many questions about the process that will be used to choose these people. People that use ChatGPT Plus are often those who get plugin development priority. Therefore it is probable that they will be the ones to benefit from this. If, on the other hand, it refers to “people who spend a lot of time browsing Zillow when they shouldn’t be,” then I may have a chance. (Keeping our fingers crossed.)

A portion of a statement made by Zillow’s Chief Technology Officer, David Beitel, goes as follows: “Generative AI is changing the way people search for information.” “We recognize its enormous potential, and we are excited about the prospect of developing additional innovations using OpenAI technology in the years to come.”

The news comes only a few months after Zillow released its “natural-language search” tool. This feature lets customers input colloquial terms into the website’s search field to retrieve results. Zillow said at the time that it was “the first major residential real estate marketplace” to employ that kind of AI-powered search, and at the time, it was true. After shutting down its house-purchasing program at the end of 2021, Zillow has been concentrating on building its core business, which consists of house-browsing and price estimate estimations.

Some of you may question why someone would input location, price, and the required number of bedrooms into ChatGPT rather than putting them straight into Zillow, for example. I have one word for you: silence. The ChatGPT plugin is now in the “alpha” testing phase, which is the phase that comes before the beta testing phase. This means the version chosen users see today differs considerably from the product’s final form. We anticipate receiving a great deal of input from testers on their requirements and use cases, and as we go forward, we will evaluate how helpful this information may be.

I can only hope that this will result in some highly hilarious tales when the internet discovers the quirks and bugs that are associated with the plugin. Will someone please try to persuade ChatGPT to buy their own house, the White House, or some other absurd item? Waiting is the only way to find out! Let’s ride.


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