Thursday, September 21

In contrast to the previous policy, which only applied to inactive user accounts, Google can now permanently delete a complete user’s data.

Do you still have any old Google accounts you haven’t logged into yet? As a result of an amendment that Google has made to its policy about dormant accounts, you may want to consider logging in and having a look around once every 24 months or so. According to Google’s previous policy, implemented in 2020 at the same time it ended free unlimited storage for Google Photos, the company might delete data stored in accounts that haven’t been used for at least two years. However, according to a blog post by product manager Ruth Kricheli, Google may delete accounts entirely if they haven’t been used for at least two years.

Because the new regulation won’t go into effect until, at the earliest, December of this year, you have time to either recall your previous login credentials or give us some time to obtain more information on how everything will operate, 9to5According to Google’s claims, the Gmail addresses that have been erased will not be made accessible for reuse.

Rene Ritchie, a liaison for YouTube creators, said on Twitter that the new policy would not entail the deletion of any accounts that have published YouTube videos. This was in response to concerns that channels launched by individuals who had passed away or otherwise abandoned their accounts might be removed unexpectedly. In addition, Google has modified the blog article announcing its new policy to reflect this further information. The page now reads, “We do not have plans to delete accounts with YouTube videos at this time.”

According to Google, account activity is monitored based on actions such as reading or sending an email, using Google Drive, viewing a video on YouTube, using Google Drive, downloading an application from the Google Play Store, using Google Search, or using Sign in with Google to sign in to a third-party app or service.

However, they do not cover popular uses of Google accounts, such as setting up aliases that send emails to your primary address. Furthermore, it is unknown if such statements will be eliminated. Although Google expressly lists keeping membership to a service such as Google One as one option to retain activity, this is not something you would typically do with an alternative account as it is not your primary account.

When the new policy goes into effect, according to Kricheli, the firm will begin with accounts that were established but were subsequently abandoned. In addition, the company will send “multiple notifications over the months leading up to deletion” to the address in question and any linked recovery email.

Updated on the 18th of May @ 3:00 PM ET: This article has been updated to reflect the modification made to the blog post by Google, which specifies that the company does not intend to deactivate accounts that include YouTube videos.


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