Saturday, September 16

Twitch unveiled a new tool on Thursday, enabling broadcasters to produce and share little vertical video samples quickly.

The new clip editor is in the creator control panel’s clips manager. By choosing “edit and share the clip,” you may go to the powerful yet simple editing tool. A whole vertical slice of the video or a split view that concurrently records two rectangular pieces (often the camera and the game stream) are available. Your channel name will be shown in the clip’s title bar if you wish to.

In its clip editor, Twitch provides Shorts with built-in social sharing features. Only manual sharing to TikTok and Instagram Reels is currently supported by Twitch. However, additional integrations will soon be added.

A spokesperson for the company justified the modification, stating, “We’re dedicated to helping broadcasters expand, and this is just one aspect of our more significant commitment to help streamers discover new viewers while making it simpler to market their content on and off Twitch.

The community will likely welcome the availability of a technology that previously forced Twitch broadcasters to employ additional tools like StreamLadder. The change makes Twitch appear more naturally included in the broader social media ecosystem. It is lovely for Twitch as an open platform and for broadcasters who depend on cross-promotion to grow their following.


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